Effective Weed Control For Your Most Beautiful Fort Myers Lawn

clover in yard

The Fort Myers area offers a fantastic growing season in the spring and summer months. It takes a lot of time, effort, and expense to get the best results, and area homeowners seek to maintain their lawns throughout the growing season. Unfortunately, the same efforts that help grow beautiful grass can help grow ugly weeds. Weeds are common in the Fort Myers area, and once your yard is full of them, they will compete with your grass and other landscaping for vital resources. Weed control for lawns is critical if you want your yard to be as beautiful as it can be. 

If you’re struggling with weeds and need lawn weed control, Coastal Lawn and Pest knows all about lawn care in Fort Myers. Call us today, and let us help you get a handle on weeds. 

Common Types Of Weeds Found In Fort Myers Lawns

Here are some of the common types of weeds you may find in Fort Myers:

  • Dandelions: These perennials have large yellow flowers and highly recognizable round puffball seed pods. The seeds spread by floating on the wind and can spread to all areas of your yard.
  • Clover: This perennial can be identified by its traditional three-leaf cluster. Clover spreads over time, taking over increasing amounts of your property.
  • Dollarweed: This perennial has round, glossy leaves approximately one inch in diameter. Dollarweed spreads like clover.

These are some of the types of weeds that you may face on your lawn. If you’re struggling with these or any other kind of weeds, Coastal Lawn and Pest knows how to help. Get in touch with us today to explore our safe, effective, and science-based techniques.

Weeds Steal The Nutrients From Your Lawn

Weeds can spring up quickly and outgrow your grass and other landscaping. To do this, however, weeds need a lot of fuel to power their growth. They take nutrients from your lawn and away from your grass and other plants to feed themselves. In the end, weeds not only situate themselves around the plants you want but also steal nutrition away from them. Controlling lawn weeds is essential if you want to keep weeds from taking over your lawn. 

Don’t let ugly weeds starve your lawn to death. Instead, contact Coastal Lawn and Pest. Our seasoned professionals have extensive experience successfully treating weeds, and we can treat yours. We know how to control weeds.

Pulling Weeds By Hand Can Be Stressful And Time-Consuming 

You might be tempted to eliminate weeds by pulling them out yourself. Although it is possible to pull weeds by hand, it can be quite stressful and time-consuming. Different types of weeds have different types of roots. Some weeds are easy to pull, but many are not. Some even leave root fragments in the ground if you try to pull them out. You may get the weed you see, but other weeds will soon grow from the left-behind roots. Pulling weeds one at a time is also time-consuming, and you can waste the time you want to spend doing other things just trying to get rid of weeds. 

Instead of trying to handle weeds on your own, get in touch with Coastal Lawn and Pest today. Once we come and help you, you will have the beautiful, weed-free yard you desire without all the hassles of trying to do it yourself. We know lawn care weed control.

The Hassle-Free Way To A Weed-Free Lawn 

The best weed control for lawns is calling professionals. With professional lawn care, you save yourself the time and energy you would have to expend if you tried to remove weeds on your own. You also ensure that weeds are effectively eliminated and won’t be back. If you need help with weeds in Dallas, Coastal Lawn and Pest wants to help. Call us today.