Weed Control 101: What Fort Myers Residents Need To Know

close up of nutsedge weed

The extreme temperatures and unstable weather conditions can make it challenging for homeowners to maintain a nice-looking yard. At Coastal Lawn & Pest, we understand how much hard work goes into making your yard look its best. While many things can undo all of your hard work, one of the most common problems that people deal with in this area is extreme weed growth. 

There are many types of invasive weeds in this part of Florida that can steal the nutrients from the grass and other plants in your yard. Here is a look at why weed control is an important part of maintaining your landscape. 

Why Weeds Are A Constant Problem For Fort Myers Lawns

Fort Myers has the optimal conditions for weed growth. Weeds thrive in warm and humid climates. Fort Myers is known for its mild winters and humid summers, which means that many weed species are able to grow all year long in this area. Many types of weeds need plenty of moisture. If they do not have enough water, they will try to take it from nearby plants. Because this part of Florida sees a lot of rainfall throughout the year, the weeds can flourish and spread any time of the year. 

There are several types of weeds in this area that can be mistaken for grass. One way to differentiate weeds from grass is to take note of the growth pattern. Weeds tend to grow faster and are taller than blades of grass. If you see grass in your yard that is growing quicker than usual, it's time to consult a lawn treatment service to determine if you have a weed problem in your yard. 

Common Types Of Weeds That Grow Around Fort Myers

There are many types of troublesome weeds that you are likely to find in your yard. Crabgrass is probably the most common type of weed that our weed control service technicians deal with. This weed has thick, green leaves that lie flat against the growth and grow in an outward direction that resembles the legs of a crab. 

Nutsedge is also another common problematic weed. This weed is often referred to as nutgrass and has leaves that resemble blades of grass. The leaf stems have a triangular shape and can grow rapidly throughout the year. 

Five Essential Tips To Prevent Weed Growth

It can seem like an impossible task to get rid of weeds once they have taken over your yard. Luckily, our local lawn care service has several tips to prevent weeds from growing in your yard. The top five most effective prevention strategies include:

  1. Cut your grass regularly during mowing season.
  2. Develop a regular fertilization schedule for your yard.
  3. Apply mulch or rocks around the plants and trees.
  4. Oversee your yard with a variety of grass seeds to eliminate any extra space for weed growth.
  5. Make sure to keep up with regular lawn maintenance.

A lawn care service near you can help you understand why weeds are growing in your yard. They can also work with you to devise a plan to stop them from spreading in your yard. 

Call The Experts For Fort Myers Lawn Maintenance In Fort Myers

Weed control is a difficult and time-consuming task for most homeowners. At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we offer affordable lawn care services in Fort Myers. Give us a call today to see how we can help ensure that weeds never grow in your yard again.