Exterminators – When Should You Call?

ExterminatorsExterminators can sound like a process we all don’t want in our homes. If you are like a lot of us exterminators, remind us of a pest control company inside our home spraying baseboards, closets, and behind kitchen cabinets. But wait, what if there was a safer, environmentally friendly program where exterminators never spray every baseboard, closet floor, and inside cabinets? And what if this process was just as affordable and safer than many DIY (Do-It-Yourself) products?

Today’s Modern Exterminators

Exterminators have advanced their education, safety for customers, and extermination techniques by applying fewer pesticides. Because it is known pests enter your homes from the outside, pest control companies focus efforts on environmentally friendly pest elimination on the outside perimeter of homes, stopping problems from entering.

If pests are inside homes, gone are the days of blanket spraying every baseboard in a home. Now pest control companies look to uncover bugs’ possible homes and hiding spots, then use safe out the way isolated extermination treatments that eliminate active pests and eggs that may hatch.

The best way to get rid of your entire infestation is to hire an exterminator skilled at pinpointing the problem, finding the root cause, and implementing a strategy for complete elimination.

How Do Pests In Up In Our Homes?

Pests are not born in our homes. And they don’t knock at the front door if they want in. Bugs all start their life cycles outside. And they are always in search of dry, warmExterminators places to live and nest. They seek out easy points of entry. A best practice is to inspect the exterior of your home for these entry points such as:

  • Pipes
  • Vents
  • Chimneys
  • Windows
  • Roof shingles

In addition to a comfortable home, pests are starving and searching for food. Bugs gravitate toward messes, such as food crumbs on your patio, pet food around the exterior of your home, and even garbage. Keeping your property clean outside and inside is one of the best ways to reduce the number of pest invasions. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Keep crumbs off the ground and counters, both inside and out
  • Keep your trash always covered
  • Seal all food containers

The last thing you want to do is ignore roaches and other bugs in our home. Just because you see a cockroach or a few ants doesn’t necessarily mean you have an infestation. However, pests’ problems don’t go away. Even if you think your DIY extermination has your pest problem under control, you may find that nothing is further from the truth.

Why Call Coastal Lawn & Pest For Your Pest Extermination Needs Today

ExterminatorsThe best defense is often a safe and environmentally friendly extermination plan when combating unwanted pests in your home. We have extensive pest extermination expertise and treatments to stop even aggressive pest issues.

We are a family-owned and daily-operated company insured and fully licensed to provide pest management and extermination services for homeowners and businesses. To learn more about Coastal Lawn & Pest extermination programs at your home or business, complete our online request form or for the fastest response, call (239) 230-7020 today.

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