Proper Fertilization of Lawns, Shrubs, & Trees

Proper fertilization of lawns, shrubs, and trees requires some effort, can be somewhat time-consuming, and sounds easy. Grab a couple of name-brand lawn and shrub fertilizers from your local big-box store, dump the lawn fertilizer in a spreader, toss fertilizer in your shrubs, water, and wait for green, healthy plants and lawns.

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know the proper fertilization needs of Southwest Florida lawns. And the proper seasons to apply fertilizer. Most homeowners think that just one fertilization a year is all a lawn needs. Added to keeping landscapes green and healthy are some big box store fertilizer brands blended for safer homeowner use that may not be the best blend of nutrients for a specific lawn.

The healthiest and most beautiful green landscapes should leave fertilization and pest control to the professionals. Applying the proper amount of fertilization will help yards resist weed invasion. Inadequate application of fertilizer could ultimately hurt the grass and contribute to pollution. Unfortunately, most people don’t know when or how to apply fertilizer properly. Professionals can diminish the consequences of ineffective fertilization and provide homeowners excellent year-round lawn-care services, often even more cost-effective than if a homeowner does it themselves.

Best Fertilization Practices

Southwest Florida lawns generally require four fertilizations each year. Knowing what fertilizer requirements are needed to keep your lawn and landscape green and healthy shouldn’t be guesswork.

Springtime lawn and landscape fertilization start root growth for a healthy green lawn ready for summertime temperatures. In Southwest Florida, we have a ban on fertilization from June 1st to September 30 to help fight against algae blooms and red tide.

However, there are no bans on fertilization during the summer months, which can be an excellent time to consider using macronutrients like potassium and magnesium or micronutrients like iron and manganese. Lawns often turn a little yellow during the mid-summer rainy seasons due to heavy rains flushing nitrogen away from plant roots. This time of year, is when our certified technicians inspect lawns during a routine visit and determine the needed nutrients to keep a lawn green and healthy. Unhealthy lawns, shrubs, and trees can open the door to the attack of weeds and damaging pests.

Even in Southwest Florida, lawns go somewhat dormant in late fall and winter. The last lawn fertilization should be by mid-September. This application is essential to get right, ensuring that lawns’ roots are not damaged. Remember this is often the start of the dry season, and fertilized lawns need water.

Why Call Coastal Lawn & Pest For Your Fertilization Needs?

Simply, we love green, healthy lawns and landscapes. Similar to proud homeowners, we look back at our efforts in maintaining green and healthy lawns and say, wow, look how good that yard looks! And we love referrals. Your beautiful, healthy landscape brings us new business from your friends and neighbors.

The best defense against weeds and keeping your lawn thick and healthy is a year-round fertilization and pest control plan of action. We understand Southwest Florida lawn care needs and have extensive fertilization expertise.

The Coastal Lawn & Pest team is a family-owned and daily-operated company insured and fully licensed to provide lawn, shrub, and tree fertilizer for Southwest Florida homeowners and businesses. To learn more about Coastal Lawn & Pest fertilization programs at your home or business, complete our online request form or for the fastest response, call (239) 230-7020 today.

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