Broadleaf Weed Identification & Prevention

Broadleaf weeds regularly establish themselves in turf grass in Florida; learn how to control and prevent them here.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf weed in a lawn

What are broadleaf weeds?

The broadleaf weed was named because of the broad, flat leaves that this weed produces. Their leaves are typically produced in pairs and extend from the plant's stalk. Another physical feature that helps identify these weeds is the visible net-like vents that cover the leaves. Some species of this weed produce showy, colorful flowers. Broadleaf weeds commonly take root and grow within turf grass, ruining the aesthetic of our green grassy lawns. Their rapid growth and leaf pattern help people to identify that these weeds have found their way into their yards. Implementing pest and lawn care services in Cape Coral is the best way to control these unwanted "pests."

Are broadleaf weeds dangerous?

While broadleaf weeds are not dangerous, they are problematic, unnecessary, and unwanted in our yards. Some of the many reasons why we need to control weeds include the following:

  • Some people have allergies to weeds, and their presence in our yards can exacerbate allergy symptoms.
  • Flowering weeds can attract dangerous stinging insects like bees and wasps to your property. 
  • Weeds often harbor plant diseases that can be passed onto your wanted plants. 

In addition, broadleaf weeds and other weeds are problematic because they want to survive at the cost of the grass and other plants you do want to grow on your property. Weeds will use the nutrients your lawn needs to stay and become healthy.

Controlling weeds in lawns is tough; these aggressive plants grow and reproduce quickly. They can take over our yards before we realize a problem exists.

Why do I have a broadleaf weed problem?

Broadleaf weeds can become a problem on any property that gives them an opportunity to grow and thrive. They like to take over weak, bare areas of lawns and quickly establish themselves.

Broadleaf weeds produce many seeds; the seeds travel into different spaces with the help of the wind, wild animals, or infected bags of soil or potted plants.

Another reason these pests are so difficult to control is their ability for their seeds to remain dormant for long periods when environmental conditions are not conducive to their survival. Once their environmental needs are met, new plants will emerge from the seeds and quickly grow and take over the space.

Where will I find broadleaf weeds?

Broadleaf weeds grow in a variety of places, depending on their species. Some prefer damp, shady areas, while others prefer direct sunlight and dry soil. Some of the most common places we find broadleaf weeds growing on Cape Coral properties are:

  • Grassy lawns
  • Landscaping
  • Flowerpots
  • Flowerbeds
  • Vegetable gardens

Where you won't find broadleaf weeds growing is in healthy yards with dense grass. The best way to avoid issues with these and other weeds is to partner with a professional. If you are tired of finding weeds in your yard, call us now!

How do I get rid of broadleaf weeds?

Give weeds an inch, and they will take a mile; therefore, prevention through regular lawn care services is the best way to guard your home against these unsightly, unwanted guests.

However, if broadleaf weeds have already found their way to your property, don't worry; we are here to help! Here at Coastal Lawn and Pest, you can count on our lawn care and weed control services to remove broadleaf weeds and stop their return. Our local lawn and pest control company understands the unique needs of lawns in Florida and will help ensure your lawn becomes healthy and stays that way year-round. Learn more about our lawn care services by giving us a call!

How can I prevent broadleaf weeds in the future?

The following tips, in conjunction with regular lawn care services, will help prevent broadleaf weeds from taking over your yard:

  • Make sure you cut your property's turf grass to its ideal height. 
  • Maintain your lawn regularly to make sure the grass is thick and lush. 
  • Avoid overwatering or underwatering your lawn.
  • Quickly reseed bare spots that develop in your lawn. 
  • Appropriately fertilize your lawn. 

For more information about these unsightly weeds and home lawn care & pest control in Cape Coral, call today and speak with one of our helpful experts.

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