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Quality Pest Control & Lawn Care In Bonita Springs, FL

Bonita Springs is a thriving waterfront city that overlooks Estero Bay. Whether you live in Bonita Springs throughout the year or visit on a seasonal basis, there is always something to do. The city offers access to water sports, fine dining, gardens, golf courses, and organic markets. Living around so much water and encountering hot and humid conditions can lure pests to your property and make caring for your lawn nearly impossible. Instead of struggling with these tasks, consider seeking professional help.

At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we provide quality pest control and lawn care spraying in Bonita Springs, FL, so that your home is always in top condition. Our company has more than 20 years of experience caring for local lawns. Given our background in irrigation, it seemed natural for us to include other lawn services and treatments for common pest invaders. No matter what your needs may be, our licensed technicians will address them fully. To learn more about our services, call us now! 

Residential Pest Control & Lawn Care In Bonita Springs, FL

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At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we are the company to call when your Bonita Springs property needs some extra help. We are a locally owned company with more than 20 years of experience and a dedication to serving our community. Our services are customized to your specific needs, utilize state-of-the-art technology, and are always affordable.

As a full-service company, we are able to provide services for your entire property, which even includes interior and exterior pest problems. No visit from our licensed technicians is complete without a detailed property inspection and listening to your first-hand concerns. If you think that your lawn could use a little boost, we offer a routine lawn care program that includes fertilization and weed control. When you’re dealing with pesky mosquitoes, we have a solution for that, too! For more information on our residential pest control and lawn care in Bonita Springs, please call us today.

How Bonita Springs Homeowners Can Prevent Rodents

When Bonita Springs homeowners want to prevent rodents, there are a few tips that they can try. Those include:

  • Look for entry points: Rats and mice slip through openings that are no bigger than the size of a dime. Look for them around foundations and seal them off with silicone-based caulk or steel wool.
  • Be meticulous about cleanliness: These animals can make a meal out of anything, so it’s crucial that homeowners take out the trash often, clear away crumbs, and disinfect when spills happen. 
  • Tend to moisture issues: Rodents also look for water sources or damp conditions, so homeowners will want to address leaky fixtures and install dehumidifiers in crawl spaces. 
  • Remove other food sources: Keep all food in sealed containers instead of their original packaging, including pet food. 
  • Seek professional help: For the most reliable protection against unwanted visitors, homeowners ought to seek guidance from a trusted pest expert. 

For more information on rodent control in Bonita Springs, call Coastal Lawn and Pest today.

Keep Your Bonita Springs Property Green With Professional Lawn Care

Your Bonita Springs lawn is a living, breathing entity that can encounter a host of health issues and other problems throughout the course of the year. At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we take the guesswork out of maintaining a healthy lawn through a variety of services. When you call us, we’ll dispatch one of our licensed technicians to your home, where we’ll provide a comprehensive lawn evaluation. This step allows us to understand what your issues and concerns are.

We offer a lawn care program that operates on a regular basis and includes grub and weed control as well as fertilization. Our unique fertilization process delivers key nutrients, while our other treatments target the weeds that might appear as well as turf-damaging insects. We adjust the exact services and modes of application depending on what your lawn needs. And with monthly monitoring, we are able to keep your lawn looking and feeling great. For more information on our lawn care services in Bonita Springs, please call us today.

Mosquito Problems In Bonita Springs Call For Professional Treatment

Mosquito season in Bonita Springs can start as early as February and run throughout late fall, which means that it exists for most of the spring. Female mosquitoes require human blood in order to reproduce and they are attracted to so many traits that it can be hard to keep them away. Characteristics like blood type, color of clothing, the presence of perfume, time of day, and body sweat can all lure mosquitoes to people.

At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we provide all-natural mosquito treatments that are safe for children and pets. In order to determine the scope of our customers’ needs, we perform scrupulous property inspections. From there, we install a misting system that ensures consistent coverage without needing constant monitoring. It’s a discreet method that homeowners get to set and forget while offering lasting protection. We will also work with homeowners on the ways that they can reduce mosquito activity when we’re not around. For more information on mosquito control in Bonita Springs, call us today.

How Professional Fertilization Keeps Bonita Springs Yards Green

Grass can be an asset to your Bonita Springs property, but mowing and foot traffic cause stress, potentially resulting in the loss of essential nutrients. Fertilizer supplies these essentials, enabling your lawn to grow strong and green. Failing to provide nutrients for your lawn leaves it vulnerable to disease, weeds, and pests, negatively impacting its long-term health.

While fertilizer is essential for the health of your grass, overfertilization can damage your yard. For this reason, hiring professionals to handle your lawn fertilization is the best option to ensure your grass receives the best nutrition for optimum health. Some of the ways your Bonita Springs lawn can benefit from professional fertilization include:

  • Helping your yard resist damaging pests.

  • Enabling your grass to handle the stress of foot traffic.

  • Replacing nutrients lost from mowing.

Additionally, professionals provide a more cost-effective option for a beautiful lawn. At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we'll evaluate your grass, checking for insects, drought, and humidity. We can also develop a customized monthly treatment plan for your yard, ensuring its health. Call us to learn more about our fertilization services in Bonita Springs.

Effective Tips To Minimize Fire Ant Hills In Bonita Springs

Fire ants are some of the most irritating insects on Bonita Springs lawns. They build nests in your yard, stinging residents when they walk by. They can hide these hills in tall grass, making it easy for residents to walk over them. The primary problem with these pests is their stings, which cause pain in most people and more severe reactions in those allergic to their venom.

Anything you can do to reduce the number of fire ants will benefit your yard. They hinder the appearance of your property and threaten your health. Fortunately, there are ways you can minimize fire ant hills in Bonita Springs, including:

  • Sprinkle bait around the mound.

  • Pour three gallons of hot water around the mound.

  • Treat the mound with citrus oil.

These DIY (do-it-yourself) techniques can limit the number of fire ants in your yard, but they won't eliminate them. Coastal Lawn and Pest provides Bonita Springs residents with ant pest control services. We'll cover your yard with a specialized product before spreading granular solutions. We can also return if fire ants remain, treating new mounds. Give us a call if you see fire ant hills in your yard.

Why Professional Shrub Care In Bonita Springs Is Worth It

Shrubs can have a significant impact on your property, providing privacy, security, and beauty. However, they need the same treatment and care as other plants. Some residents might think they can handle these tasks, but DIY (do-it-yourself) shrub care rarely results in the benefits of professional service.

The primary reason homeowners avoid professional shrub care is to save money. While caring for these plants yourself might initially be cheaper, mistakes can cost you more in the long run. Some of the reasons why hiring professionals is the most beneficial way to care for your Bonita Springs shrubs include:

  • We make your shrubs aesthetically pleasing.

  • We remove dead or decaying limbs and stems.

  • We use the best equipment for ultimate care.

  • We ensure your shrubs are receiving essential nutrients.

To get the most from the shrubs in your yard, you need the expert plant care services at Coastal Lawn and Pest. We'll attend to your shrubs bimonthly or quarterly for year-round protection, targeting pests and applying nutrients that help these plants blossom. We can also use fungicides to treat issues that threaten the health of your shrubs. Call us for the best shrub care in Bonita Springs.

Tips To Preserve Your Bonita Springs Home's Palm Trees

Palm trees are some of the most recognizable features of Bonita Springs properties. They provide a tropical atmosphere, making them excellent inclusions in Southwest Florida yards. However, they could become nuisances when not cared for properly. Knowing how to preserve palm trees will ensure they're an asset for your home.

Many residents only think of palm frond length when considering maintenance. The length of your palm fronds impacts their appearance, but there are more essential tasks to preserving the quality of your trees. Knowing these tasks will ensure your trees have the best opportunity to grow tall and strong. Tips to maintain the beauty and strength of your Bonita Springs palm trees include:

  • Fertilize your palm trees regularly.

  • Only prune dead palm fronds.

  • Prune palm trees with hand tools.

  • Ensure quality drainage around your palm trees.

Providing too much fertilizer and excessive pruning can damage your trees. Fortunately, the experts at Coastal Lawn and Pest know how to protect your trees. Our service technicians can provide injections and supply nutrients that help your trees grow. We use arbor jets to apply the nutrients and treat pests at the trunk. Let us know if you want the best palm tree services in Bonita Springs.

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