Pest Control & Lawn Care In Cypress Lake, FL

Professional Pest Control & Lawn Care In Cypress Lake, FL

From its freshwater lakes to its vibrant, impressive sunsets, life in Cypress Lake is like something out of a dream. This unincorporated community is home to more than 13,000 individuals, many of whom travel to the nearby big cities of Cape Coral and Fort Myers for work and play.

But like any bedroom community in the Cape Coral – Fort Myers metro, Cypress Lake struggles with its fair share of pests. There are dozens of different species that call this area home, including rodents, mosquitoes, and lawn-destroying chinch bugs.

Coastal Lawn and Pest specializes in Cypress Lake pest control to ensure your local property stays safe against invasions. From our seasonal treatment programs to irrigation and fertilization programs, we’re the area’s most effective team for pest remediation and prevention.

Curious to learn more about what this could look like for your property? Just give us a call at your earliest convenience to chat with our local pest control team. We look forward to serving you and your loved ones with the highest degree of care.

Residential Pest Control & Lawn Care In Cypress Lake

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It takes a lot more than good intentions to keep pests out of your lawn. And it takes a whole lot more than pest control alone to keep a green and vibrant yard. 

If you’re looking to support your Cypress Lake Lawn with some of the best professional lawn care near you, look no further than the team at Coastal Lawn and Pest – the area’s foremost provider of pest control, lawn management, and irrigation services.

We’re proud to offer the following services to locals in Cypress Lake:

  • Fertilization services

  • Fire ant control

  • Irrigation services

  • Lawn care

  • Mosquito control

  • Palm tree care

  • Rodent control

  • Shrub program

  • St. Augustine care

  • Turf-damaging insect control

We don’t rely on cookie-cutter services or treat to the lowest common denominator. Instead, we create an entire personalized plan so you can build a lawn you’ll love. Just discuss your specific concerns with a Coastal Lawn and Pest professional to develop a system that works for you. We would be happy to take your request for service online or over the phone today.

How The Professionals Fertilize Cypress Lake Lawns

Everyone wants a lush, green lawn. However, not everyone knows what’s needed to get (or keep) it that way. When you work with the professionals at Coastal Lawn and Pest, you can rest easy knowing all your fertilization needs will be met by trained lawn experts.

First, we evaluate the yard to assess its soil quality and look for deficiencies in nutrients and minerals. Then, we apply top-quality products to help your grass grow thick and strong. We always let you know what we’re doing in advance so you never have to guess about the products we use.

Set your lawn up for success by contacting Coastal Lawn and Pest today. We would be happy to set up an appointment for a lawn care service near you.

Common Mistakes Cypress Lake Homeowners Make To Attract Mosquitoes

Mosquito infestations are simply par for the course when living in a place like Cypress Lake. However, you may be attracting pests to your lawn or garden without even knowing it – and more mosquitoes can make enjoying the outdoors virtually impossible.

You may accidentally attract mosquitoes to your home if:

  • You don’t keep the grass short, or at least below four inches.

  • You don’t drain standing water (or treat it with mosquito dunks).

  • You don’t prune back branches, shrubs, or vegetation away from the sides of your home.

  • You have open rain barrels and tarps that catch water.

  • You don’t have window or door screens around your home.

If you think or know any of these attractant factors are around your home, begin by taking action with preventive steps immediately. Once you’ve removed as many factors as possible, you can schedule a mosquito control service with Coastal Lawn and Pest. Call today for details.

How Chinch Bugs And Grubs Damage Cypress Lake Lawns

Are you worried about those yellow or brown spots popping up around the yard? There’s a good chance you’re dealing with chinch bugs or grubs. These destructive pests can make short work of your lawn, especially warm-season varieties like St. Augustine grass.

For chinch bug and grub infestations affecting your Cypress Lake lawn, look no further than Coastal Lawn and Pest. Our pest control company offers everything you need to find and get rid of bugs and grubs fast. 

First, we apply treatments to your lawn that can eliminate nesting bugs. Then, we perform ongoing fertilization work to boost the health of your grass. This reduces the likelihood of future infestations and ensures your yard stays safe and healthy.

Learn more about our commitment to safe, invasion-free yards by calling Coastal Lawn and Pest for a treatment quote.

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