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Keeping your home protected against pests requires a holistic and comprehensive approach. Only focusing on pests that invade your home will allow infestations to form in your yard and make your property a breeding ground for pests. Most property owners make the mistake of thinking they’ll be able to lay down some store-bought solutions to quickly get rid of pests, but DIY methods can be ineffective at addressing the pests and can even damage your lawn. 

That’s why Coastal Lawn and Pest offers everything from direct pest treatments to ongoing yard maintenance that keeps your property protected. We guarantee we’ll keep your yard safe from pests, fungi, and other blights. 

Learn how we can assist you with pest control in Gateway, Florida, that’s proactive and effective.

Residential Pest Control & Lawn Care In Gateway

Having to deal with pests inside your home can be upsetting, but it’s actually our yards that often act as the first area that harbors infestations. Keeping pests out of your home is all about establishing a protective perimeter around your entire property so nesting grounds never form outside your walls. 

With home pest control and lawn care in Gateway, you can avoid pests and the larger problems they lead to. Whether it’s the property damage you never have to deal with or the health risks that never affect you and your loved ones, effective pest control can save you money and headaches. 

Contact Coastal Lawn and Pest today to get started on a residential service plan that’s affordable and effective.

Why Choose Coastal Lawn and Pest?

  • Fully Customizable Services for Your Home
    No two properties should be looked at in the same way, and neither should their pest control or lawn care services. Coastal Lawn and Pest offers tailor-made solutions to address problems of any size, caliber, or seriousness.
  • Hand-Picked Service Technicians
    The team at Coastal Lawn and Pest believes the most important part of lawn and pest control is great customer service. That’s why we employ some of the most skilled pest control experts in Southwest Florida — and match skilled service technicians to every and any need.
  • Comprehensive & Integrated Service
    We are a one-stop shop for all your property management needs, ranging from lawn fertilization to tree and shrub maintenance to pest control and elimination. We’ve served home and business owners with outstanding services since 2001 (and counting).

Tips To Keep Fire Ants Off The Lawn In Gateway

Most ants we encounter around our properties are generally harmless. While all kinds of ants can contaminate food sources and be a pain to eliminate, most don’t pose direct threats to our health. But fire ants aren’t like the usual black or brown ones you may spot crawling around countertops. 

Fire ants can sting people with their rear barbs, causing intense burning sensations and even triggering allergic reactions in vulnerable people. This is why you need to take proper ant control steps around your Gateway yard to ensure these dangerous invaders never move in: 

  • Landscaping: Ants are drawn to flower beds, sidewalks, yard debris, and mulch. Having professional landscaping isn’t just about keeping things trimmed, but also making sure your yard’s layout is best for effective pest control, too. 
  • Moisture control: Ants are drawn to moist soil and areas where water pools in our yards. Proper yard drainage and other moisture control steps are necessary. 
  • Yard treatments: To prevent and eliminate pests that form tunnels below the soil, professional treatments are needed to apply solutions deep into fire ant territory. Coastal Lawn and Pest has ways of treating fire ants so they don’t come back. 

To keep all kinds of ants off your Gateway property, turn to Coastal Lawn and Pest for ant removal and control today.

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Why The Palm Trees Around Your Gateway Home Need Special Care

Palm trees may be common in Florida, but they are still highly specialized plants in terms of maintenance. To keep them healthy and thriving, you need to regularly trim them and make sure their roots are healthy enough to supply adequate water and nutrients throughout the entire tree structure. 

Palm trees are also susceptible to fungi, pests, and diseases that can impact their overall health. All these threats demonstrate why it’s better to have tree and lawn care experts keeping up on all the things your palm trees need to stay looking vibrant. Coastal Lawn and Pest started as an irrigation and lawn care company, so our technicians are experts at how to care for palm trees and many other common plants found in local yards.  

Get professional lawn care services in Gateway by contacting Coastal Lawn and Pest today.

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Common Turf-Damaging Insects Found Around Gateway

In warm, humid Florida, there are plenty of pests that are content to stay outside and feed on all the decorative plants in your yard, including your lawn itself. To deal with the wide variety of pests that can damage your lawn, you need to partner with pest control experts who can properly identify the species and apply the right solutions to the problem. 

Here are some of the most common turf- and grass-damaging pests in Gateway, Florida: 

  • Sod webworms: This species of worm includes several hundred different varieties, but generally refers to brown worms and their hungry larvae that chew through grasses as they mature. 
  • Chinch bugs: These beetle-like bugs can be difficult to eliminate, and many homeowners do more damage to their lawns by spraying harmful insecticides in their attempt to eliminate them. But instead of hurting your lawn further, the eco-friendly treatments from Coastal Lawn and Pest can get rid of the bugs while leaving your lawn unscathed. 
  • Grubs: Unlike surface bugs that chew through the blades of grasses, grubs instead burrow under soil and chew through roots to harm local lawns. 

Lawn care solutions and lawn pest control can help you avoid these destructive pests, so turn to Coastal Lawn and Pest today to get started on a comprehensive treatment plan.