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Comprehensive Pest Control & Lawn Care In Lehigh Acres, FL

Lehigh Acres is an unincorporated community that has it all. There are resorts, golf courses, planned neighborhoods, and good public schools. The area is surrounded by nature preserves, so outdoor activities are never too far away. Lehigh Acres is also located only moments away from Fort Myers, so big city enticements are within reach as well.

At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we make sure that every homeowner has access to comprehensive pest control and lawn care spraying in Lehigh Acres, FL. Countless locals entrust their well-being to us because we are a licensed, family-owned company that always puts safety first. Our services are eco-friendly and meet rigorous safety standards.

We offer a variety of services that include indoor and outdoor pest control, shrub care, irrigation services, and weed elimination to make your life easier. And when you partner with us, you can also expect competitive pricing and unmatched customer service. Whether your home needs protection from pests or your lawn is in need of help, call us now.

Residential Pest Control & Lawn Care In Lehigh Acres

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Lehigh Acres is one of the most sought-after communities in the Lee County area. However, maintaining a pest-free home and a healthy yard can be challenging at times. Instead of trying to keep pests away and making sure that there are no issues with your lawn on your own, consider professional help from Coastal Lawn and Pest. We are a local, family-owned business that is licensed and ready to help you. Our offerings began in lawn care and sprinkler repair more than 20 years ago, and since then, we have made the natural addition of services that care for the rest of your property.

At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we are proud to offer pest control for both indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as a host of lawn care treatments that address palm trees, shrubs, irrigation systems, and weed growth. We perform complete home inspections and devise customized plans that address each need you have. For more information on our affordable residential pest control and lawn care services in Lehigh Acres, please call us today. 

Why Lehigh Acres Lawns Need Professional Irrigation

Having a properly functioning irrigation system is imperative to creating and maintaining a healthy lawn in Lehigh Acres.

Some of the direct benefits of working with a professional include:

  • Usage of the highest quality equipment and professional knowledge for understanding issues
  • Routine services and maintenance to ensure that the irrigation system is functioning properly 
  • Conserves water usage, which can potentially lower water bills
  • Limits weed growth and appearance of new weeds
  • Less maintenance on the part of the homeowner
  • Reduction in lawn diseases and better ability to fight them off
  • Ability to cover a broad area and ensure that the entire lawn is watered effectively
  • Helps plants grow faster and improves their stability altogether

For more information on irrigation services in Lehigh Acres, call Coastal Lawn and Pest today. 

How To Protect The Palm Trees On Your Lehigh Acres Home

If you have palm trees around your Lehigh Acres home, then you’ll want to do everything in your ability to keep them healthy. The undeniably best way to achieve this goal is with professional services from Coastal Lawn and Pest. We are a team of licensed local palm tree experts who know how to keep these very important trees in top shape.

Whether you actively notice an issue with your palm trees or would like to better understand their well-being, give us a call. One of our technicians will be right over to evaluate your palm trees and present you with our diagnostic understanding. Each customer’s needs are unique, but some of the services that we may provide include injections, nutrient delivery, and the use of arbor jets. For more information on our palm tree services in Lehigh Acres, please call us today.

Mistakes Lehigh Acres Homeowners Make To Invite Ants Inside

Residents of Lehigh might be surprised to find ants inside of their abodes; however, given a few minor mistakes, they might end up with infestations that they weren’t expecting.

Here are a few missteps that people might be making to encourage ants indoors:

  • Having foundational flaws: Ants are capable of fitting through most of the openings that they find around a home. Having gaps around windows and doors or simple crevices in foundations might provide them with the direct access to the indoors that they desire. 
  • Not being diligent about trash removal or cleanliness: One of the biggest attractions for ants is garbage, so if homeowners don’t take out the trash regularly or allow food spills to accumulate inside bins, ants might arrive soon. Additionally, having crumbs and spills around kitchens and bathrooms may also lure ants. 
  • Letting leaks go unattended: Another factor that attracts ants is water, so if homeowners find leaky pipes or clogged gutters that they don’t fix, ants will find them appealing.
  • Failing to seek professional advice: The most effective way to deter ants is with professional treatments, so relying solely on DIY methods will be unreliable.

For more information on ant control in Lehigh Acres, call Coastal Lawn and Pest today. 

Professional Lawn Fertilization Services In Lehigh Acres

Fertilization is an essential part of lawn maintenance because mowing and regular wear on grass causes it to lose nutrients. Fertilizer replenishes your soil, enabling your grass to grow strong and healthy. It can also protect your lawn from harmful intruders. The result of proper fertilization is a yard that will beautify your property and increase its value.

While fertilizer benefits lawns, overfertilization can damage them. For this reason, it’s essential to apply the right amount of the product. Professionals know how to properly fertilize your lawn based on its size and grass type. Some of the benefits Lehigh Acres homeowners can experience by having professionals apply fertilizer include:

  • Keeping pests out of your grass.

  • Reducing weeds in your yard.

  • Preventing disease from spreading through your lawn.

  • Protecting your soil.

Coastal Lawn and Pest provides the best lawn fertilization services for Lehigh Acres residents. Our service technicians begin by evaluating your lawn to determine its condition. We’ll develop a plan based on our findings and return monthly to treat your grass. We can adjust our services to ensure we’re not under or overfertilizing your yard.

Fertilizer is an essential part of maintaining your lawn. Call us to provide the best fertilizer for your Lehigh Acres property.

Common Turf Damaging Insects Found In Lehigh Acres

Lawn-damaging insects are among the biggest threats to Lehigh Acres yards, stealing nutrients from your grass and hindering its ability to grow. Some of these pests feed on the surface, and others reach down to the roots. Regardless, these creatures can cause unsightly brown spots in your yard and spread disease through your lawn.

Florida’s subtropical climate makes this area ideal for many insects because they can feed on plants and grass year-round. Unfortunately, this means they threaten Lehigh Acres properties year-round as well. Common turf-damaging insects in Lehigh Acres include:

  • White grubs

  • Chinch bugs

  • Sod webworms

When turf-damaging insects invade your lawn, Coastal Lawn and Pest provides expert lawn pest control. We’ll inspect your yard to identify the creatures present and develop a customized plan to eliminate them. We use various treatments and can combine products for the best solution. We’ll usually solve your problem after one treatment and can return for further service if necessary.

Pests can damage your lawn, and some might invade your house. Fortunately, we can keep these troublesome creatures away. Let us know if turf-damaging pests invade your Lehigh Acres property.

Five Tips To Preserve Your St. Augustine Grass In Lehigh Acres

Well-maintained lawns are beneficial to Lehigh Acres properties, improving their curb appeal. But these features require regular care to look their best. In addition to mowing, providing water and keeping unwanted weeds from invading your lawn enables it to grow strong and healthy.

St. Augustine grass is among the most popular on Florida properties because of its ability to thrive in tropical and subtropical climates. However, like other species, this grass requires maintenance tasks to grow strong and healthy. Five tips to preserve your St. Augustine grass in Lehigh Acres include:

  1. Apply a pound of soluble nitrogen fertilizer per 1,000 square feet every eight weeks.

  2. Water your lawn six inches deep when necessary.

  3. Mow your lawn 2 1/2 to 3 inches high.

  4. Prevent pests from invading your lawn.

  5. Control weeds on your property.

Coastal Lawn and Pest uses the best tools and techniques for residential lawn care. Our service technicians will spray your lawn to promote its growth and improve its health. We can provide corrective and maintenance applications for the best results. Additionally, we’ll treat lawn-damaging pests, diseases, and nutrition issues.

St. Augustine grass is among the most desirable species for Lehigh Acres lawns. Call us to discover how we can help your grass grow strong.

How To Rodent-Proof Your Lehigh Acres Home

Rodents cause problems for Lehigh Acres residents inside and outside of their homes. While some invade yards to dig holes and eat plants, others enter buildings for food, water, and shelter, causing damage and spreading illnesses. Keeping these creatures away from your property and out of your house is the best way to protect your home.

Preventing these animals from invading your home can be difficult, but there are ways to deter them. Closing entry points and removing attractants will encourage them to look elsewhere for essentials. Tips to rodent-proof your Lehigh Acres home include:

  • Close gaps or crevices around your exterior.

  • Repair or replace the weatherstripping around your foundation and windows.

  • Remove garbage from your home regularly.

  • Reduce clutter on your floors and storage areas.

Coastal Lawn and Pest provides rodent control in Lehigh Acres, primarily treating mice and rats, the most likely to invade homes. We’ll set monitoring traps to discover where creatures are causing issues and use bait as needed to address them. We can also trap the intruders if necessary and provide bimonthly or monthly reservices to keep these pests away from your house.

Rodents can cause extensive problems when they enter Lehigh Acres properties, spreading damage and illnesses. Contact us to keep your yard and home rodent-free.

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