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When you think about life along the Florida coast, visions of living in McGregor probably come to mind. This bedroom community remains a gem of the Western shore, accommodating nearly 8,000 people across the Cape Coral-Fort Myers metro. Local residents love driving down the scenic McGregor Boulevard, while fast-paced business owners enjoy the area’s healthy economy. Still, while there’s a lot to love about life in McGregor, the one thing people don’t love is the never-ending presence of pests. 

Hundreds of different species call McGregor home, and thousands of individual pests are looking for ways to break into our homes. It doesn’t take much for dangerous pests like termites, rodents, and fire ants to corrupt our living spaces by destroying homes and gardens.

Pest control in McGregor simply can’t be done alone. That’s why homeowners across the McGregor area trust Coastal Lawn and Pest with all their pest control and lawn management needs.

Coastal Lawn and Pest isn’t your average pest management company. We don’t just focus on getting rid of pests; we take an integrated approach to controlling their habitat as well. Backed by proven products, ongoing maintenance, and irrigation services, we can help you create a happy and healthy yard that keeps pests out for good.

You can get started with Coastal Lawn and Pest by calling our local pest control office.

Why Choose Coastal Lawn and Pest?

  • Fully Customizable Services for Your Home
    No two properties should be looked at in the same way, and neither should their pest control or lawn care services. Coastal Lawn and Pest offers tailor-made solutions to address problems of any size, caliber, or seriousness.
  • Hand-Picked Service Technicians
    The team at Coastal Lawn and Pest believes the most important part of lawn and pest control is great customer service. That’s why we employ some of the most skilled pest control experts in Southwest Florida — and match skilled service technicians to every and any need.
  • Comprehensive & Integrated Service
    We are a one-stop shop for all your property management needs, ranging from lawn fertilization to tree and shrub maintenance to pest control and elimination. We’ve served home and business owners with outstanding services since 2001 (and counting).

Residential Pest Control & Lawn Care In McGregor

Pest control means nothing without regular lawn care. Plus, seasonal lawn care needs a pest control program to perform at its best. That’s why Coastal Lawn and Pest believes strongly in the importance of lawn integration, offering one-stop services designed to take a holistic approach to yard maintenance and pest control.

We serve homeowners all over McGregor with the following:

  • Fertilization services
  • Fire ant control
  • Irrigation services
  • Lawn care
  • Mosquito control
  • Palm tree care
  • Rodent control
  • Shrub programs
  • St. Augustine grass care
  • Control for turf-damaging insects

You can defend your home from both pests and lawn damage by securing the help of Coastal Lawn and Pest. Ready to get a quote for custom residential pest control services in McGregor? Feel free to reach out today and speak with a representative.

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How To Reduce Your Risk For Fire Ants In McGregor

We all know fire ants are a constant here in McGregor. However, the last thing we want is to find a colony in the yard. How do you feasibly reduce your risk for fire ants without spending all your time hiding inside the house?

First, it’s important to evaluate your property and check for any attractant factors bringing pests to your yard. You may want to get rid of easily accessible food sources and dry up stagnant water sources supporting colony growth.

Next, consider adjusting your irrigation schedule to support your grass without encouraging fire ants to spread. You can chat with the team at Coastal Lawn and Pest to develop a custom irrigation system for you and your family.

Finally, you can rely on the team at Coastal Lawn and Pest to get rid of fire ants already around your property. Just give us a call and explain your situation to kick-start the treatment process and get relief fast.

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Common Turf Damaging Insects Found In McGregor

Turf damaging insects are incredibly frustrating pests, especially for McGregor residents trying to save their grass. Pests like chinch bugs, grubs, and webworms make short work of St. Augustine grasses and complicate the process of maintaining a healthy property.

Here’s what you should know about the damages caused by these pests:

  • Chinch bugs: These pests create tiny yellow patches of grass that eventually connect and destroy large patches of turf.
  • Grubs: Misshapen sod and spongy turf are a few common signs of a grub infestation.
  • Webworms: Bald patches and brown grass are the foremost signs of a webworm infestation around your property.

If you’re looking for relief from any of these lawn pests, don’t hesitate to reach out to Coastal Lawn and Pest. We would be happy to provide you with lawn pest control in McGregor to secure your yard against unwanted infestations.

Why McGregor Lawns Need Effective Irrigation To Thrive

No McGregor lawn can survive without water. However, just waiting on the rain isn’t always an efficient solution. Effective irrigation doesn’t just keep your grass green; it maintains its health and wellness against invading pests.

Coastal Lawn and Pest offers unique irrigation services designed to support your yard during the dry season and beyond. Our home pest control company can repair, replace, and install almost any irrigation system used on your property. We specialize in system repair and maintenance, saving hundreds of dollars on your water bill while maximizing performance.

Ready to learn more? Let us help! Call Coastal Lawn and Pest today to chat about irrigation services in McGregor.