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Affordable Pest Control & Lawn Care In Punta Gorda, FL

Punta Gorda is a city that overlooks the Peace River, so it should come as no surprise that residents can enjoy water activities at a moment’s notice. There are planned communities with golf clubs, a long bike path, and an eclectic collection of restaurants that include seafood restaurants, ice cream shops, and Southern grilles. And for seasonal visitors, there are waterfront resorts, museums, and lots of other attractions. Given that the city is surrounded by water and that conditions can be warm and moist, homeowners might encounter issues with pests and caring for their lawns. Luckily, there’s help. 

At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we provide affordable pest control and lawn care spraying in Punta Gorda, FL. It’s our mission to serve our community, which is more important to us now more than ever. We have more than 20 years of experience in lawn services, which is why we naturally expanded into pest control both inside and outside of your home. To learn more about our services, contact us now!

Residential Pest Control & Lawn Care In Punta Gorda

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As a resident of Punta Gorda, you experience environmental conditions and other factors throughout the year that can make caring for your yard and keeping pests away a tall task. Instead of struggling with these things on your own, consider professional help from Coastal Lawn and Pest. We are a locally owned company that has more than two decades of experience and a deep dedication to serving our community. We provide an array of important lawn and pest services that are all backed by various warranties. When you entrust your livelihood to us, we promise that you’ll always have access to our customer support system.

Because we are a full-service company, if you’re having any issues with the quality of your lawn or are encountering pests around your property, simply give us a call! One of our licensed technicians will perform a complete inspection of your problem areas and then we can create a treatment program that will address them. Whether you’re in need of palm tree care, weed control, mosquito treatments, or more, we are the team for you! For more information on our residential pest control and lawn care services in Punta Gorda, please call us today.

Why Rodent Problems In Punta Gorda Call For Professional Removal

When Punta Gorda residents encounter rodents, they are best served by enlisting professional help. One of the most significant reasons why working with a pest expert is so crucial is because of how hard getting rid of rodents is. They have grown dependent on people and are attracted to food of any kind. Having as little as crumbs scattered around the home or access to food in pantries can keep rodents from leaving a property.

Once rodents have gotten inside, they nest in places such as the insides of walls, crawl spaces, or other areas where people don’t often go. This means that not only are they stubborn, but people might not even know that they have a problem. A pest professional will be able to inspect your home and determine the exact source of an infestation.

Rodents also require professional help because infestations can be quite large. Mice reproduce an average of eight times a year, while rats can have six litters. Rats start reproducing within three months, so infestations only continue to grow. DIY methods are no match for the potential size of an outbreak. Additionally, these products are not necessarily safe for households nor do they prevent future rodent infestations. A professional will have access to top-shelf products and proven methods. For more information on rodent control in Punta Gorda, call Coastal Lawn and Pest today.

How Professional Lawn Care Services Can Beautify Your Punta Gorda Home

Taking proper care of your Punta Gorda lawn can have many barriers to entry; however, professional services simplify the process.

Here are some of the ways that working with a professional can benefit your property:

  • Protection from lawn diseases and fungal infestations
  • Deters lawn pests such as grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms
  • Creates less maintenance for you between visits
  • Emphasizes weed control to eliminate unsightly and damaging invaders
  • Delivers proper nutrients on a regular basis
  • Ensures that there is always a licensed professional to monitor your lawn and help prevent any issues

For more information on lawn care services in Punta Gorda, call Coastal Lawn and Pest today. 

Protect The Trees & Shrubs On Your Punta Gorda Property

When it comes to protecting the trees and shrubs around your Punta Gorda property, consider professional help from Coastal Lawn and Pest. We have been caring for local properties for more than 20 years and have the latest technologies at our disposal.

Our shrub program operates on either a monthly or quarterly basis and allows our licensed technicians to target pests as well as provide shrubs with vital nutrients. If you have palm trees, they may benefit from our routine inspections and injections to keep them as healthy as possible. The combination of these services, along with our other lawn care offerings, will allow you to enjoy your property throughout the year. For more information on tree care and shrub care in Punta Gorda, call us today.

Fire Ants All Over Your Lawn In Punta Gorda? Call The Pros For Help

Fire ants are seemingly unsuspecting pests that can actually become quite harmful when they infiltrate your Punta Gorda property. These small ants primarily live below ground but when they are provoked, they can sting people. Some of the side effects of encountering fire ants include swellings, hives, nausea, pain, and even difficulty breathing. They are also very easily lured to properties by factors that can be hard to prevent. If you’ve noticed any fire ants around your property, consider professional services from Coastal Lawn and Pest. 

We are a locally owned company with more than two decades of pest control experience and proven methods at our disposal. Our trained technicians will be able to ensure the complete removal of fire ants through our multi-step process. The service begins by treating all existing mounds. This highly effective service is designed to locate and remove the queens to stop the continuation of any new colonies. From there, we’ll apply a granular treatment around the lawn and any other treatments that might be necessary. To further ensure that fire ants cease to be an issue, we may recommend ongoing service for these pests. For more information on fire ant control for your property, call us today.

Professional Fertilization Services In Punta Gorda

Fertilization is one of the most effective ways to help Punta Gorda lawns thrive and protect themselves from pest invaders and health issues. Unfortunately, it’s a more complex matter than most people might think. Providing proper fertilization to lawns is not as simple as purchasing a bag of generic fertilizer at the store. Rather, it requires in-depth knowledge and highly specific products in order to take proper action. At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we provide top-quality lawn fertilization services for local homes.

Each of our customers is treated with the utmost care and given a totally customized approach to this service. Our process starts with a meticulous lawn inspection. This affords our technicians the opportunity to locate any health issues, drought, deficiencies, pest problems, and a number of other possible concerns. We then collate this information in order to design a tailored fertilization approach and maintenance schedule. Our customers benefit from the highest quality products. The treatments we provide are designed to optimize nutrient delivery, promote well-being, and ultimately deliver a healthier, more visually appealing lawn. In order to keep lawns properly fertilized, we recommend an ongoing maintenance plan that we can adapt as your lawn’s needs change. For more information on fertilization in Punta Gorda, call us today.

Identifying Turf-Damaging Insects In Punta Gorda

Identifying the insects that strip away the nutrients of Punta Gorda’s lawns can be challenging for the average individual. These pests are often hard at work in ways that people can’t see, leaving behind only destruction. Here are a few helpful ways that people can determine whether or not their properties have been invaded by trouble:

  • Yellow patches on the lawn that seem to grow larger

  • Brown spots

  • Brittle grass

  • Bald spots that can’t seem to be cured

  • Damaged and discolored leaves on trees and plants

  • Seeing the actual insects

  • A halo effect on the lawn

  • Chewed-off spots on blades of grass or nearby leaves

At Coastal Lawn and Pest, we specialize in accurate turf-destroying insect identification. We perform detailed lawn inspections in search of pests such as chinch bugs, webworms, grubs, and a variety of fungal problems. We have the background and training necessary to make proper identifications and get to the core of why these problems have developed. We tailor all of our treatments to the customers’ needs and budgets, and our services may involve a series of treatments and different equipment. Once we’ve completely eliminated pests, we will likely recommend follow-up lawn services to ensure its safety in the future. For more information on turf-damaging insect control, call us today.

Tips To Preserve Your Palm Trees In Punta Gorda

Palm trees are a beloved icon of the Punta Gorda area. They also add a lot of character and curb appeal to your property, so you’ll want to take care of them as best you can. Here are a few tips that may be helpful:

  • Start from the beginning. When you first plant a palm tree, be sure to water it regularly and apply fertilizer at the ideal time. Eventually, they’ll require less water, but the first few months are crucial for their development. 

  • Let the sun shine. It’s imperative that palm trees get ample sunlight, so when planting them, make sure they’re in a spot where that will be possible. 

  • Deliver nutrients. While palm trees are relatively easy-going trees, it’s still important to use soil for them and make sure that they get proper nutrients rather than being neglected. 

  • Work with a pro. Don’t leave the well-being of your palm trees to chance; consider working with a tree care expert on services designed just for them. 

For more information on palm tree care, call Coastal Lawn and Pest today.

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