Sod Webworms: Signs, Symptoms, And Prevention In Fort Myers

Sod Webworms

The tropical sod webworm (Herpetogramma phaeopteralis) is among the most problematic lawn pests found in the Fort Myers area and throughout most of the southeastern United States. Sod webworms prefer consuming St. Augustine grass, Bermuda grass, Bahia grass, and several others. While sod webworms are typically most active in the spring and summer months, they often plague homeowners all year long across this region.

Are you wondering how to treat sod webworms that exist throughout your yard? For safe and effective pest control in Fort Myers, homeowners should choose a local professional. Providers of home and yard pest control employ a properly trained staff that understands how to expel sod webworms and knows the best ways of preventing them from returning to the premises.

Signs And Symptoms Of Sod Webworms

Brownish sod webworm moths or “lawn moths” will hover and deposit eggs in the grass. The moths are usually visible as they fly away from the grass when someone approaches them. Greenish sod webworm larvae (caterpillars) measuring up to one inch long emerge from the eggs and begin consuming the turfgrass. In most cases, people detect the damage these pests create before seeing the caterpillars themselves.

Sod Webworms Can Wreak Havoc On Your Lawn

Sod webworms in Fort Myers primarily attack the surface portion of the leaf tissue, which results in visible damage as the grass withers and brown patches appear. Once sod webworms begin eating a part of the lawn, significant damage can happen in only a few days.

Causes For Sod Webworm Infestations

Property owners seeking answers regarding how to prevent sod webworms should understand the various causes of the unwanted creatures. Some of the common causes include:

  • Unhealthy, poorly-maintained lawns are more likely to endure damage from tropical sod webworms.
  • Excessive amounts of nitrogen that result from overfertilizing often generate a thick layer of thatch, which creates an ideal environment for these pests.
  • Failing to mow the grass regularly or cutting the grass too short both increase the likelihood of having problems with these pests.

Each year in Fort Myers, too many individuals try do-it-yourself home treatment options. In their marketing efforts, many of the manufacturers of these products use exaggerated claims of effectiveness. Weeks or months later, many homeowners find that their pest-related problems still exist and experience frustration. The best course of action involves seeking assistance from a local team of qualified turf pest control professionals.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Sod Webworms

Are you noticing signs of sod webworm damage on your Fort Myers property? Consider speaking with an experienced professional that provides effective sod webworm treatment options.

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Our company also offers ongoing lawn treatment plans for residential customers that involve treatment visits every 30 or 45 days. During these visits, our experienced technician will promote lawn growth using a spray application and also inspect and treat the turf for unwanted lawn pests and prevent types of diseases.

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