Say Good Riddance To The Ants In Your Cape Coral Home

fire ant hill in yard

Ants are a consistent problem in the Cape Coral area. Ants are well adapted for survival in the wild. They breed quickly, build their colonies in well-protected areas that keep them safe from harm, are exploratory, and can make use of all resources in their area to help them survive. If you have an ant infestation anywhere in your yard, it’s only a matter of time before ants decide to explore your home. Ant control in your house requires considerable knowledge and experience to ensure success.

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The Life Cycle Of Ants: How Ant Colonies Develop

Effective ant control solutions require an understanding of ants in Cape Coral. Ants have four distinct lifecycle phases:

  1. Eggs: Queen ants can lay hundreds of eggs a day, which are carried to special areas of the colony by the worker ants.
  2. Larvae: Once the eggs hatch, ants spend a short time as larvae.
  3. Pupae: Ant larvae eventually morph into pupae, the last stage before adulthood.
  4. Adults: Once pupae reach adulthood, they move into their assigned roles in the colony.

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Don't Ignore An Ant Infestation

Ant infestations can seem minor at first, but ants are constantly seeking to ensure the survival of their colony. If they find enough natural resources to help the colony grow, ants will immediately start expanding. While a few ants may not be problematic, thousands certainly can be. Ants can be difficult to eliminate without effective ant control, and you may find yourself frustrated with an ant problem that won’t go away.

If you need to know how to get rid of ants in the kitchen or anywhere else in your home, all it takes is one call to Coastal Lawn and Pest. We have been helping area residents successfully eliminate ant infestations for a long time, and we can help you with yours. Contact us today and let us help you with ants.

Prevention Is Critical To Successful Ant Control

Ants can be problematic once they establish an infestation in your home. Here are some simple ways to help decrease your possibility of having to deal with ants:

  • Seal garbage tightly: Sealing garbage tightly can discourage ants from coming onto your property and staying.
  • Eliminate clutter: Eliminating clutter can reduce housing opportunities for ants and discourage them from staying.
  • Seal your home: Sealing your home can help prevent ants from coming inside your home.
  • Keep your home clean: Ants are attracted to dirty homes, and simply keeping your home clean can deter ants from coming inside.

These are some things you can do to help decrease your possibility of dealing with ants. If ants still come, however, the one company you need to contact to help you get rid of them is Coastal Lawn and Pest. We know everything about ants, including getting them off your property.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation

If you’ve discovered ants in your home or on your property and need help with ant control in Cape Coral, don’t try to go it alone. Ants can be a difficult problem to solve using ineffective DIY ant control solutions. You may find yourself becoming increasingly frustrated as the ant infestation persists. Coastal Lawn and Pest service technicians pride themselves on successfully eliminating ant infestations the right way, the first time. Call us today for help, because we know how to get rid of ants.