Ant Control Maintenance: Keeping Your Fort Myers Home Ant-Free Long-Term

an ant infestation in a home

Ants are a constant problem for many homeowners in and around Fort Myers. These small insects usually only measure around 1/8 of an inch long. However, they don't let their tiny size stop them from causing big problems in your home. 

At Coastal Lawn & Pest, we provide one-of-a-kind pest control services in Fort Myers. Our experienced technicians know what draws ants to certain homes, and we know the best way to prevent these destructive creatures from coming inside and invading your living spaces. 

The Life Cycle Of Ants: How Ant Colonies Develop

Ants are social creatures that live in large colonies. The size of the colony depends on the species of ant, but our ant control specialists have seen colonies that contain anywhere from 1,000 ants to over one million ants. Because they live in such large groups, they have developed a social hierarchy, or caste system, to keep the colony running smoothly.

Here is a look at the different castes inside of an ant colony:

  • Female reproductive: The queen ant is usually the only reproductive female ant in the colony. Her only job is to lay eggs. Some ant species may have more than one queen in a colony, but there is usually just one queen. 
  • Male reproductives: These ants are also called drones. Their duties consist of caring for the queen, ensuring she is well-fed, and fertilizing the eggs she lays.  
  • Workers: In most species, only non-reproductive females are worker ants. They are tasked with building and expanding the nest, gathering food, and defending it if there aren’t enough soldiers. 
  • Soldiers: The soldiers are the ant colony’s first line of defense. They use their strong front mandibles to fight predators that get too close to the colony. 

Not all ant colonies are visible. Some ants will build their colonies underground or inside the insulation behind your walls.

If you see one ant in your home, you should call an ant exterminator because there is a good chance you already have a large ant colony on your property. 

Ant Problems: Health Concerns And Property Damage

Ants in Fort Myers can cause a lot of problems if they invade your home. These tiny insects are attracted to all types of food and are capable of contaminating your food if they crawl around it. Most ants have harmful bacteria and other pathogens on their bodies that can easily fall off your food. Some illnesses people have contracted from an ant infestation include salmonellosis, E. coli infections, and streptococcus. 

Ants are also known to cause damage to your house. Many ant colonies will live between your walls and use your insulation as nesting material. Some species of ants are also known to live directly inside wooden surfaces, which can cause structural damage to your home over time. An ant removal team can keep you and your home safe by performing regular ant inspections. 

Ant Prevention Is Key: Effective Tips And Tricks

Ants will come into your home to find food and shelter. To keep them out, you first need to remove any food source. Keep a lid on your trash cans, and immediately sweep up any food crumbs or spills. You should also use caulking or screens to patch gaps or potential entrances around your home. A local ant control company can inspect your home and provide a customized prevention plan. 

Ant Control Done Right: Call The Experts For Complete Ant Control

If you are tired of seeing ants in Fort Myers roaming your home, Coastal Lawn & Pest is here to help. Our experienced Fort Myers ant exterminators are committed to keeping you safe from these potentially dangerous pests. Give us a call today to see how we can help you live an ant-free life.