The Silent Destroyers: How To Detect And Eradicate Sod Webworms In Fort Myers

a sod webworm

Do you care about the condition of your yard? Some don’t mind if their grass is filled with weeds or has large dead patches. We are not here today to judge anyone who feels this way. If you, however, do care about the quality of your lawn, you should know about sod webworms.

Call us at Coastal Lawn and Pest to find out how we handle these and other yard pests. We will talk you through our options for sod webworm control and find a service that will help you maintain a beautiful and inviting property. Read more to learn about sod webworms and our pest control services in Fort Myers.

Life Cycle Of Sod Webworms: How They Develop And Reproduce

Sod webworms are all over the place here in Fort Myers. The good news is that these pests have little to no interest in invading local homes. You are most likely to find these bugs outdoors, nibbling away at your grass.

Sod webworm eggs hatch within ten to fourteen days. It takes roughly this long for larvae to develop into adult moths. A webworm's adult form, however, is not what you should be most worried about. It is larvae that cause the most trouble. Let’s take a moment now to talk about sod webworm damage before we discuss the best methods to control these pests around Fort Myers.

The Hidden Dangers: Uncovering The Damage Caused By Sod Webworms

There is something to be said about the destructive nature of sod webworms in Fort Myers. When these pests take over yards, they truly take over. The damage they cause might be subtle at first. Given enough time, however, you will notice clear signs of a problem.

These sod webworm signs include small, ragged brown spots in your turf. It looks a lot like a lawn mower was run over it on the lowest setting, which, as you might know, is a quick way to ruin your grass. If you are looking for how to prevent sod webworms, here are some things to consider and some DIY methods to try.

Preventing Sod Webworms: Proactive Lawn Care Practices

The last thing we want is for sod webworms to take over your yard. If you are looking for some options to keep these bugs off your property, you might start with these simple prevention strategies.

  • Reduce excess thatch as much as possible through dethatching or core aeration.
  • Water your lawn frequently, especially during the drier seasons. 
  • Invest in proper fertilization.
  • Hire a pest control provider for advanced sod webworm treatments.

Sometimes, it is nearly impossible to control these pests on your own. If you would like help to combat these bugs around your property, do not hesitate to involve our team at Coastal Lawn and Pest. We offer many amazing insect control services in Fort Myers to help you find and maintain your dream lawn. 

Professional Sod Webworm Treatments: Hiring Experts

If you are looking for the best treatment for sod webworms, look no further than Coastal Lawn and Pest. We are a local and trained property care provider that has the tools and training to help you provide maximum health and wellness for your yard.

Our team would be more than happy to pay you a visit to identify sod webworms and offer quick treatments to deal with these pests around your property. Call Coastal Lawn and Pest today to find out more about our residential lawn and pest control in Fort Myers or to make an appointment for your yard and property.